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Survey & Ballot Systems: Digitalizing and Streamlining Candidate Filing Processes

Top 10 Civic Engagement Solutions Companies – 2022

Civic engagement initiatives have long played a vital role in the way governments engage with their communities to act upon their needs and priorities. But, just like everything is changing in the wake of a new normal that has emerged in this post-pandemic world, civic engagement is also changing. With government leaders rethinking community engagement in their organizations, they are advocating advanced civic engagement platforms that are enabling civilians to send automated emails, calls, and engage in correspondence with the government. They also allow campaigners to increase supporter engagement through automated and personalized social media posts and emails.

In view of this evolving market scenario, the global civic engagement solution market that was estimated at USD 256.20 million in 2021 is projected to reach USD 621.70 million by 2028, exhibiting a CAGR of 13.50 percent during the forecast period. The market growth can also be partly attributed to the growing importance of data collection platforms that allow governments to collect citizens’ proposals, conduct polls and surveys, and analyze the feathered data to uncover trends and identify pressing issues.

Staying ahead of these developments, this particular edition of Gov CIO Outlook brings forth the most influential developments in the civic engagement solutions space that are encouraging community involvement through intuitive software and platforms. It features thought leadership articles from Paul Jones, CIO at City of West Palm Beach Utilities, who speaks about the imminent implementation of IT management platforms to enhance service excellence and prioritize public demands with limited budgets. It also features commentaries from Glenn Hasteadt, IT Director at the County of Onslow, North Carolina, who highlights the importance of instilling a superior company culture to foster organizational growth.

In addition to these critical insights from industry experts, the edition presents the most promising civic management solutions from the top companies on the rise, including 3Di Systems, Citizens Foundation, Golden, and Survey & Ballot Systems that are helping governments communicate more effectively with civilians and accordingly provide public services. We hope this edition will help you find the right civic engagement solution provider that will empower you to deliver critical government services and garner community support in a much more interactive way.

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    Top Civic Engagement Solutions Companies

  • Survey & Ballot Systems provides election management services and governance software for organizations to connect with their stakeholders. SBS’ DirectNominations is a cloud-based civic engagement technology that enables candidates to file information seamlessly in one place while allowing election administrators in cities and counties to track submissions and the application process.

  • Citizens Foundation is a nonprofit governed by the mission to connect governments and citizens by creating open-source, state-of-the-art engagement platforms

  • Golden enables any constituent or citizen in the U.S. or abroad to discover and live in their golden moments through acts of service in any form.

  • 3Di Systems

    3Di Systems

    The company is a premier in helping government agencies provide holistic digital services for civic engagement. Their powerful SaaS platform 3Di Engage is catered toward modernizing the siloed systems, streamlining processes, and simplifying user engagement for the public sector and related organizations.

  • Accela


    Accela provides a unified suite of cloud solutions trusted by governments across the globe to accelerate their digital transformation, deliver vital services, and build stronger communities. The company offers agile, purpose-built solutions and the power of a platform that provides users with a consumer-like experience, shares data across departments, and ensures world-class security.

  • CentralSquare


    CentralSquare is a diverse team dedicated to innovating for the public sector to enhance citizen and agency engagement. CentralSquare provides the broadest, smartest and most unified public sector software suite that powers all aspects of managing local government, and constantly innovates new solutions in partnership with the communities served.

  • NationBuilder


    NationBuilder is a mission-driven software company founded on the belief that solving humanity’s unprecedented challenges will occur only with the participation and leadership of millions of citizens around the world. NationBuilder builds the infrastructure for a world of creators by helping leaders develop and organize thriving communities.

  • Optimere


    Optimere is a leading provider of digital compliance, accessibility, and records management solutions. Optimere illuminates the path to trusted communications for organizations on their journey to ensure an open, optimized, and compliant presence.

  • PublicInput


    PublicInput gives government agencies — and those who work with them — a platform to help with every step of the community engagement process. PublicInput believes that collaborative democracy succeeds through technology. Today, more US agencies use PublicInput to transform their public engagement process and build public trust by connecting with the communities they serve.

  • Zencity


    Zencity uses AI and big data to reinvent the way local governments make decisions. Zencity’s platform helps cities understand their residents real needs and priorities, eliminating the guesswork from policymaking. Local governments use Zencity’s insights to better prioritize resources, track performance more effectively, and - perhaps most importantly - connect more deeply with their communities.